Personalised Arabic typography 



“To digitise and personalise Arabic typography in this way has never been done before. This project transforms the art of traditional calligraphy into a beautifully interactive – and a totally unique – brand experience.”

Dr Nadine Chahine


ADSS – the leading MENA broker– wanted to grow both their brand profile and customer base at Forex Expo, Dubai 2023.


We created an innovative tool that helped ADSS successfully standout and engage the next generation of traders at the very popular event. Powered by personal data, including client initials, age, and trading experience, it created a truly personalised digital, typographic insignia – to be used on social profiles and personalised merchandise.

Calligraphy is regarded as the highest form of art and artistic expression in the Arabic world. Over thousands of years, Arabic typography has been used historically to create some of the most beautiful and sophisticated artworks. For an Abu Dhabi company to give a piece of personalised typographic art to a prospective client instantly demonstrates the Emirati values of generosity, loyalty and pride.


We combined the highly respected tradition of calligraphy with the technology and built a unique, online registration tool. Not only could it collect prospects’ data but it also attracted people to the ADSS stand and ultimately to trade with ADSS. And it worked – with new sign-ups doubling from the the year before.

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