14TH APRIL 2023

Collaborating with typography expert Dr. Nadine Chahine




Our dual-language brand, website and animation work for ADSS has allowed us to partner with some incredible talent.

To say that we have enjoyed working with Arabic typography expert Dr. Nadine Chahine is an understatement. Dr. Nadine recently joined a hugely exciting D&AD discussion panel with Astrid Stavro, Shaun Loftman, Sarah Hyndman at the ‘Beyond Sans Serif’ event.

We loved reading about her insights in this article – particularly her ‘cheeky metaphor’.

‘There’s nothing inherently wrong with sans serifs, she had a cheeky metaphor for the way they’ve come to dominate the branding world — comparing it to only ever eating vanilla ice cream… “It’s still good, but if that’s the only thing you’ll ever do, it feels like you’ve lost something,” she added.’

Read the full article here.

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