Seeking New Digital Landscapes

Can machines be used creatively to design meaningful brand identities?

Generative design is a concept that has been around for a number of years. It is usually associated with arthouse chic rather than corporate communications and branding. But are brands missing a trick, is there more to generative design than meets the eye?

What is generative design? Put simply it’s the science of using an algorithm or equation to create shapes, patterns, colours, letters and movement. Basically you can create anything using one tool – the possibilities are endless.


Imagination + algorithm = design


Generative design provides a great opportunity for brands to rise above the noise. It allows you to create a brand identity that is truly unique to your organisation, and in practical terms for marketing teams it allows you to create new and interesting imagery quickly and easily. You can also create impressive bespoke interactive animations.

Does this lessen the role of the designer? In our opinion no. As with all creative processes the generative algorithm is just a tool. The messaging and the concept are at the heart of the designs and are key to creating an impactful campaign or website. Technology is moving at an incredible speed and with VR, AR and AI continuing to evolve along with generative design these are exciting times. As designers, we should be embracing the chance to seek new digital landscapes.

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