Shrinking the footprint

of the Derivatives Market

The Brief
Quantile’s compression and optimisation services have already eliminated USD trillions of gross notional of OTC derivatives and billions of dollars in margin. Created in 2017 they are relatively young but have quickly become an established name. Their branding needed an overhaul to reflect their market-leading position and a new website was required to provide greater detail on their range of services and to create a destination for their thought-leadership content and market commentary.


Proposition & Messaging | Brand Identity | Website Design & Build | Animation
Our Response
It became clear that a radical approach was required. We created an unconventional colour palette and built a generative design tool that allows Quantile to produce their own unique brand imagery. As important as what Quantile looked like is how they sound. We crafted a value proposition, series of key messages and tone of voice document allowing Quantile to speak with purpose, punch and passion – and their own distinctive personality.

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