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The Brief

For over 20 years, KX has delivered the world’s fastest real-time and historical data processing to drive the most demanding business-critical decisions across the Capital Markets. With a surge in new, streaming analytics companies offering clean and often compelling alternatives eating into market share, it became clear that the business needed to act fast as many of these competitors are in no way comparable to KX when you cut to the chase.

The KX brand activity had become complicated – lacking clarity – and quickly needed to be refreshed to defend their market-leading position and competitive advantage within the financial markets, automotive, telco and high-tech manufacturing sectors.

Brand Strategy
Value Proposition & Messaging
Visual Identity
UI & UX Design

WordPress Build

Our Response

Moving from sentence case to upper case instantly promoted the KX brand to stand proudly as two letters – and firmly on two feet. Reflecting its small but mighty credentials, this time-series database has the smallest footprint in the world. Bold. Angular. Graphic. The new KX brand demands attention and delivers instant recognition. The diamond at the centre of the mark stands for the ultimate clarity and visibility, strengthening the connection between the digital and physical worlds. A refreshed colour palette, alongside benefit-led, client-centric messaging and bright, candid imagery we have revealed the personality and the people behind both the technology – and the KX brand.

“The KX Diamond puts data at the heart of our business. Connecting the digital and physical worlds”

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