2020 Social Media Best Practice

The importance and presence of Social Media is ever-growing and has become an integral part of growing your businesses online profile.

Previously you may have set your sights on a single social platform but in 2020 pushing content out across multiple channels is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

However, it is now easier than ever to share content across all Social Media platforms, with post sizes being similar if not the same. LinkedIn and Twitter both allow you to post links to articles or landing pages and use the same image size. Meaning you can reach numerous audience groups with the same post and content.

With this newfound importance of Social Media within businesses, the question ‘what size should I make my images to post on Social Media?’ Is frequently asked and the correct answer is often hard to find. Well stop the stressful Google searches and look no further, we have collated the best sizes to make sure your posts and profiles look sharp and have thrown in a few tips and tricks along the way.

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