5TH MAY 2023

Building pictures & telling stories



Story telling is a huge part of what we do. The work and time that Cat Bailey contributes to Living Paintings is equally important to Pink Green. Living Paintings is a non for profit charity that brings the sensory world to life for blind and visually impaired children.

The charity has been working on a special project – a Coronation gift – that brings this landmark occasion to life through touch and sound for blind and visually impaired children. Almost 8,000 children across the UK will now be able to experience and celebrate the event in an inclusive way.

Livings Paintings have not only provided these gift packs of joy, but it is also working with a host of celebrities to provide audio descriptions that guide children over raised pictures and help them see through touch – a visual feast for blind and visually impaired community.


Take a look at the amazing work Living Paintings do here.

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