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The Brief
To unite the S&P Global Loans business – one built from over 20 years of acquisitions – with a single, powerful proposition. Powered by a multitude of specialist loans software, data and services, S&P Global looked to consolidate their market-leading loans solutions to empower their sales teams, existing and prospective clients across the world’s lending markets.


Proposition & Messaging
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S&P Global Lending Solutions Homepages
S&P Global Lending Solutions Homepages
Our Response
We conducted in-depth, business-wide discovery calls with key stakeholders to gain a holistic understanding of their strategic goals. And regular check-ins with the Brand Team helped us to create a cohesive campaign of activity that clearly communicates the competitive advantage of the end-to-end capabilities whilst empowering loans market participants to: ‘Act with accountability’, ‘Be the authority’, ‘Accelerate with agility’ and ‘Navigate with confidence’ – at every stage of the lifecycle of the loan.
The brand development, naming refresh and campaign has been very well received and fits seamlessly into the established S&P Global brand. 


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Lending Solutions notebook
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Animated icons
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Lending Solutions Factsheets
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