Launching the first PropTech

community marketplace

The Brief
To support the launch of Reapit Foundations – the PropTech solution that the world’s Estate Agents have been waiting for.
Launch Messaging | Animation | Event Presentation
Our Response
With a capacity audience confirmed, we created the on-screen elements for the launch event – designed to keep them engaged and inspired. Our opening film set-out the high level vision for the new industry marketplace, where app developers build and distribute their new innovative solutions and where agents come to find solutions that unlock opportunities – and open up the market. Cloud tech featured heavily – and was bought to life through our cohesive campaign line; One cloud. Limitless silver linings.

Absolutely blown away, if you are a @ReapitSoftware client you just won the lottery, if not you can buy the winning ticket simply by getting onto @ReapitSoftware #estateagents #proptech founder members of the @Property ICG”

Ian White via Twitter

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