Cutting contractual complexity
faster than humanly possible

The Brief

A market-leading provider of contract management software, Likezero makes the intangible tangible. Unlocking once inaccessible contract data, on which business-critical decisions can be made and securely delivering incredible results that have a huge impact for their clients.

Likezero needed a dynamic new brand identity and messaging system that would allow them to engage more of the world’s leading financial institutions and communicate the ‘wow’ of their revolutionary contract solutions, rather than just the ‘how’.

Brand Strategy
Value Proposition & Messaging
Visual Identity
Brand Style Guide
UX & UI Design
WordPress Build

The Response

Likezero find the needle in a haystack and pull the rabbit out of a hat – this is contract intelligence like no other. We wanted to capture the spirit of the new brand archetype: ‘The magician’ by sparking engagement through exciting verbal and visual experiences that deliver ‘WOW moments’ at every interaction.

The new ‘zeroing in’ logo, vibrant colour palette, unique icon and pattern style create a distinctive visual identity that works across digital and physical environments. The website also features several elements that align with their core brand values and clearly showcasing ‘Wow moments’ for a compelling user experience.

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