Rethinking how the Capital
Markets operate

The Brief
To create a brand and website for Capitolis, a pioneering fintech startup founded by former EBS BrokerTec CEO Gil Mandelzis, former Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer and Igor Teleshevsky.


Proposition Brand Identity | Website Design & Build Animation
Capitolis logo
Capitolis imagery
meeting place imagery
Capitolis Product Symbols
Brand & Website Design
When described by Galen Stops, Editor of Profit & Loss, as the ‘Airbnb of Credit’ we knew that this new brand was about to change financial markets in a similarly disruptive way. A collaborative approach, brings together those who have credit in excess – with those in need. The brand mark and iconography comes together to illustrate ‘Where Capital Meets Markets’ bringing the brand to life.
Website design
Capitolis home page
capital meets markets
brand guidelines
Capitolis bridge
Capitolis imagery
Logos Capitolis products
Lightning animation
the team
New Business
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