Fedrigoni 366 Calendar

The Fedrigoni 366 book is a collaboration piece that involves designers, illustrators and photographers from throughout the UK coming together. 

Fedrigoni is a specialised in fine paper for printing and paper products – they are continually creating new paper processes and technologies to satisfy the ever-changing demands of the market. Every year they celebrate their work with the ‘Fedrigoni 365’ book working in collaboration with TM studio – this brings together some of the best designers, photographers and illustrators in the UK.

Celebrating its third year and marking 2020’s leap year, Fedrigoni introduced the 366 calendar – which unlike previous years ventures into a world full of colour using Fedrigoni’s new environmentally friendly range; Woodstock.

“As a range, Woodstock’s hues move through every colour of the spectrum. It delivers from a sustainability standpoint too. Woodstock is one of the most environmentally-friendly coloured ranges on the market, formed with 80% recycled and 20% FSC certified virgin fibres.” Fedrigoni.

The design brief is purposefully restrictive, inviting contributors to design in one colour and within a specific size. Each participant is asked to contribute a piece of work interpreting a date provided to them at random.

For 2020 Pink Green marked the 4th March with the four musical legends – The Beatles. It was on this day in 1966, John Lennon declared “We are more popular than Jesus now.” In answer to the brief, we set the names of the fab four in Futura – illustrating the number four – and keeping true to our assigned date.

This year saw highlights from contributors such as Dan Mather, ico Design Partners and Supermundane – who had the task of tackling the 29th of February.


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